Dollar-a-Day program

The SMTA Dollar-a-Day program has been going on since 2005. We ask our guests to voluntarily contribute one dollar per day on their room bill that goes to the SMTA community development projects.

Two thirds of the funds collected goes to educational projects and one third goes to beautifying St. Maarten, both in the tourism areas and where the workers live. Less than 5% goes to administering the program.

Sint Maarten Timeshare AccociationSint Maarten Timeshare AccociationSint Maarten Timeshare Accociation

Here is a portfolio of where your contributions have gone to in the last year 2014/2015:

Brand new Kitchen appliances, and walk in coolers was donated to the National Institute for Professional Advancement Hospitality school, funding was also provided for the MPC Mathematics A- Olympiad team to travel to Holland for the Mathematical finals ,Reading books and computers were also donated to the Active Learners pre-school Academy, and a school for low income children was donated a copy machine, reading, dictionaries and other educational books.

Sint Maarten timeshare associationSint Maarten timeshare associationSint Maarten timeshare association

Several resorts such as Simson Bay Marina, Oyster Bay Resort, and Royal Islander Resorts were among those whos staff received certificates for the ASPIRE training. Also, the SMTA has embarked on promoting agricultural projects and  building greenhouse at all the schools on the island. The first school to start the project is the Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School. Als for 2015, Blue Point electronics has joined SMTA Dollar- A Program ,and held a charity Christmas party for 250 foster children. Leonard conner School, and Dr Martin luther school, received new Education materials, and musical instruments.

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