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Activities - which one is best?

St. Maarten Forum

When you have had enough of sleeping late and lying on the beach lapped by crystalline waters it is time to get going. St. Maarten offers so many choices of day activities the biggest problem is deciding what to do this year and what to leave for ...
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St Maarten at night - where to go?

St. Maarten Forum

After a hard day of reading and swimming at the beach, or perhaps a little too much duty-free shopping, a little nap and a great dinner, many St. Maarten visitors want to experience our varied nightlife. See a show, win at the casino, cheer at ...
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A day on the beach

St. Maarten Forum

One of St. Maarten’s most valuable and unique qualities is the varied beach experiences.
On our 36 square mile island we have 36 individual bays with their own beach. All beaches are open to the public and the experience ranges from ...
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What and where to shop?

St. Maarten Forum

St. Maarten's duty-free shopping has given rise to the saying "Pack less clothes and more money". Many St. Maarten visitors have been pleasantly surprised when after having made the “special” jewelry purchase; they go home ...
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Best places to wine and dine

Oyster Bay Fall Food Festival

The only other island in the world that has as great a choice of dining experiences is Manhattan Island. But then you would be in New York City and not here with us lapping up the tropical sunshine and all the wonders of the ...
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Best places for kids

St. Maarten Forum

Fun for the whole family awaits your arrival. Ok, we are no Disney land, but all the natural pleasures await the young. Snorkeling, collecting sea shells, building sand castles and quality time spent with mom, dad and the grandparents fill the ...
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