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Fun for the whole family awaits your arrival. Ok, we are no Disney land, but all the natural pleasures await the young. Snorkeling, collecting sea shells, building sand castles and quality time spent with mom, dad and the grandparents fill the days with real magic. The Butterfly Farm and new friends await! And when mom and dad want the evening out, St. Maarten has the best child sitters and at very reasonable prices too.

Share your youngsters’ experiences.

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Re: Best places for kids

Submitted by a visitor on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 19:01

A Few fun things for the kids:

Go kart Track - Gran Case

Movies - Friday nights and saturday nights thats when the local kids go.

Rhino Safaris - They will love it.

Zip Line at Pic Paradis.

Have Fun.

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Ricardo Perez
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Re: Best places for kids

Submitted by longtimer on Sun, 01/09/2011 - 10:37

When we have the sweet pleasure of bringing our grandkids on holiday with us, we always head over to Galleon Beach on the French side for the day. The water is so shallow and calm for a long ways that the kids get to play in the water and we have no worries as we sit under our umbrellas watching.

A few simple items for making sand castles completes the kids entertainment and gives us hours of fun. Imagination still beats an Ipod. We make sure to have lots of water proof sunblock and make the kids wear t-shirts even in the water as that Caribbean sun can get too strong for extended play time without them.

You can either bring a gourmet picnic lunch or eat at ease at Pat's place, who has become a Galleon fixture. Talk about heaven on earth in St. Maarten!


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