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One of St. Maarten’s most valuable and unique qualities is the varied beach experiences.
On our 36 square mile island we have 36 individual bays with their own beach. All beaches are open to the public and the experience ranges from secluded to shallow and protected to body surfing waves. From the quiet of Guana Bay to the famed Orient Beach with its St. Tropez atmosphere and its clothing optional choice to the bustling Great Bay Beach along the Dutch Capital’s boardwalk and major shopping area.  And of course there is always the one close to your doorstep right at the resort!


What is the best beach? What beaches have you enjoyed and why? Things to do at the beach – water sports, eating, drinking, snorkeling etc. Let us know!

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Re: A day on the beach

Submitted by a visitor on Sun, 03/20/2011 - 20:52

My Favorite beach is Baie Rouge. It is the best place on the island to watch the most perfect sunset. It is very quiet in the afternoons, so you can bring a book and a bottle of red wine and watch the sun go down.


Re: A day on the beach

Submitted by a visitor on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 19:21

I've been living in Mount Vernon on the French side for more than four years. It's right on top of Orient Bay, one of the greatest places on the island. There's quiet and less quiet places on the beach, and there is of course the clothing optional beach where swimming trunks, bikinis and gawkers are frowned upon.
St. Maarten is a great place to pick for a vacation. It's never cold here (except in places with air conditioning) and rain showers usually pass quickly.
Do not get too worked up about crime stories; just be aware of your environment and don't go to the wrong places at the wrong time. In that sense, St. Maarten is no different than Amsterdam or any other large city in the world.
I love the little Assouan pizza place in Cripple Gate (on the road from Marigot towards Grand Case); great food, and the pizzamaker is a walking ad for friendliness and customer service.
My Saturday mornings are booked solid for breakfast at Sarafina, a French bakery on the waterfront in Marigot.
My local newspaper is Today (but that's because I work there, lol); it's on the web too now: go to todaysxm.com.

Have fun here, and do come back to our island.

Hilbert Haar,
managing editor @ Today.


Re: A day on the beach

Submitted by longtimer on Sat, 01/08/2011 - 18:31

Our favotite beaches are Little Bay beach and Orient Bay, and Galleon when we have the little kids.

There are so many great ones to explore that if you are new to visiting St. Maarten, the best thing is to rent a car and explore.

A word to the wise, however, there is unfortunately a lot of theft from cars when parked at the beach. Bring only the necessities and lock nothing of value in the car. Use the hotel room safe and enjoy peace of mind. A small waterproof neck container can hold id and cash while swimming and snorkeling. Be safe and happy!


Re: A day on the beach

Submitted by nadege on Wed, 12/08/2010 - 13:23

My favorite St Maarten beach is the Simpson Bay beach. I go out by Mary's Boon guest house which is close to the airport. It has fine white sand and no crowds. It's one of St Maarten's forgotten beaches and not many people go there.


Our Favorite Beaches

St. Maarten Forum
Submitted by Betty and Fred on Wed, 12/01/2010 - 12:37

For us, the best beach is the one that's 100 feet from our apartment at Belair! But, when we want to be almost by ourselves we like to go to Baie Prune on the French side. Of course we have to carry everything, but perhaps that's why we're almost by ourselves once we arrive.


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