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St. Maarten's duty-free shopping has given rise to the saying "Pack less clothes and more money". Many St. Maarten visitors have been pleasantly surprised when after having made the “special” jewelry purchase; they go home for an appraisal that is quite a bit higher than what they paid. Over the years we have seen that the jeweler, not the diamond has become a girl’s best friend!


Wines and liquor are so inexpensive that bringing home extra is well worth paying the duty on the return home. Clothing, electronics and beads are just a few of the things visitors stock up on.

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Re: What and where to shop?

Submitted by longtimer on Sat, 01/08/2011 - 18:23

Frontstreet in Philipsburg is the main is the shopping mecca. There is a fun new store next to Holland House on the Boardwalk called the Kite Store -great for kids.

For the big kids, when I want electronics I have always gotten the best prices at Klass Electronics or Boolchands. Always ask for a better price and then offer less. Bargaining produces savings. The same goes for the many jewelry stores.

During the past few years more shops are opening up in the Simpson Bay area, and I just saw the new Blue Mall building near the Sapphire that will have a ton of shops and restaurants when it opens soon.


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